1 cup of AquaChar treats 50 gallons

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1 cup of AquaChar treats 50 gallons


AquaChar is a natural biological carbon designed last for months.


What is AquaChar?

AquaChar is a natural wood-based carbon specifically designed for biological water. The process combined with machine allows us to bring the temperature well beyond the ash point – structuring the carbon and pushing out impurities. Combined with a steam-based cooldown method, this allows for no post production processing.https://i1.wp.com/aquachar.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/AquaChar-Porosity-1.png?resize=355%2C267&ssl=1

What makes AquaChar different?

The benefits of Activated Carbon in a biological system are well documented. What most don’t know is that these carbons are coal-based. Since they are limited by temperature a bath in hydrochloric acid is required to etch and remove the remaining VOCs. Most “medical” grade carbons are designed for an instant reaction to strip the water indiscriminately causing it to quickly clog and lose effectiveness within a week. 

AquaChar was designed to pull fine organics from the water column to act as a biological catalyst for beneficial bacteria to colonize. The larger size and natural porosity allows AquaChar to continue to work for months.

What does AquaChar do?

AquaChar works for several months: Effective useful life of AquaChar is typically 3-6 months (or more, depending on bioload). Adding an additional layer of protection from any contaminates that get into your system.

AquaChar has a negative ionic charge: Broken down organics (which are positively charged) causes most water clarity issues. The negatively charged ions in AquaChar magnetically attract fine particulates, creating crystal clear water in 12-48 hours. 

This creates a smorgasbord: The substructure of natural pores and fiber of trees is preserved in AquaChar. This results in a massive available surface area; one (1) gram of Aquachar has the same surface area as 20 bioballs, making AquaChar the ideal support system for beneficial bacteria to colonize upon.https://i1.wp.com/aquachar.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/AquaChar-Bacteria-Microscopy-20190721.jpg?fit=980%2C999&ssl=1

Which creates a “waste management system”: Once AquaChar is colonized with beneficial bacteria, the negative charge allows for a more on demand absorption and breakdown of organics which stabilizes ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. Additionally, shrimplets will feed off the bacteria and organics attracted to AquaChar.

AquaChar is an interactive material: AquaChar begins to crackle and harden when introduced into water. Oxygen bubbles are released from the surface of AquaChar as a result of interaction with water and organic compounds that are present.

AquaChar naturally buffers pH: AquaChar typically stabilizes pH between 7.5-7.7 in freshwater with the recommended dosing of one cup per tank. This is fine for neocaridina. When added in conservative amounts (on a monthly basis) in a tank with buffered substrate AquaChar has minimal impact on pH. See Pro Tips below for more detail.


Recommended Dosing:

The recommended dose for AquaChar is one (1) cup per 50 gallons of water. For pH stability we recommend at least ½ cup per tank.

If you have concerns about how your system might react, start with a smaller dose and build up the dosage over time until you obtain your desired results. 


How to use AquaChar:

We recommend rinsing new AquaChar thoroughly before use; however, any residual dust is not harmful to your aquarium and will simply settle inside your filter. 

AquaChar will initially float but will start to sink as it absorbs water and fills with organics.

AquaChar can be used in or with a variety of filtration systems; it can be placed in a hang-on-back filter, canister filter, sump, media bag, or just about anywhere in your system.

The simplest implementation of AquaChar is to place it in a mesh bag, then place the mesh bag inside the filter. 


Pro Tips:

For low pH systems with buffered substrates: Using AquaChar in this set up, pH typically adjusts to the buffered parameters. The pH stability of AquaChar weakens over time and so it is recommended to add a few chunks every month to allow the system to adjust (removing the old AquaChar is not required).

For air power systems: Placing chunks directly in the tank allows shrimp to interact with the AquaChar and will eventually become an active part of the substrate. 

Every individual aquarium is a unique system, and each user might desire a different set of results. It is important to monitor your parameters whenever making any adjustments to see how your system responds.

When it is time to change your AquaChar, leave the old AquaChar in place with the new AquaChar; this allows beneficial bacterial to quickly populate the new AquaChar, retaining the stability of your system.

If you wish to discontinue using AquaChar, do so by removing small portions over an extended period, which will help to maintain stability as the aquarium adjusts to the changes. Removing seeded AquaChar at once can cause a bacteria bloom as your system readjusts.